Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Manuel Contreras: Philippines to America

I chose to interview my dad, Manuel Contreras. He was born and raised in Pampanga, Philippines, a small province town called Macabebe and the living conditions there are poor. 2 days before his 13th birthday he moved to America with my grandfather and both had to assimilate into American customs because of its a different lifestyle. 

Tables of content 
1) Introduction
2) Family background
3) Leaving the Philippines
4) Thoughts about America
 5) Lifestyle and being Filipino in the U.S.

  Intro and family background

Leaving the Philippines
Leaving the Philippines at a very young age wasn't a big impact for him. My dad remembers bits and pieces of his lifestyle back in Pampanga. Since he was very young the only thing he was excited for  in America was better food, candy and the amusement parks. When i asked him what did you imagine America would look like? The only image of America he had was from black and white movies filmed in America.

Growing up in America
By the time my dad hit High School things began to heat up. During those time my dad admitted that same racial groups would only stick together. It created gangs and plenty of fights would broke through.

After high school my dad decided not to go to college because he just wanted to make money. He worked double jobs and soon after he meet my mom. 

American VS Philippines lifestyle

Living in America, it gave my dad the opportunity to live better and to have freedom. Philippines have bad working conditions and if it wasn't for my grandfather, my dad wouldn't be here in the first place. San Francisco is his home and its best just to come and visit the Philippines. Growing up my dad assmiliated into America pretty easy since he was still young and didn't know whats going on. There was no big change. In his adulthood it shows he did not loose his Filipino identity compared to this generation. Even though my dad didn't say it, his whole life he was aiming for the American Dream, which is to have money and have a happy family. 

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