Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Last Man Standing-Kevyn Lorenzana

I chose to interview my Grandfather Johnny Lorenzana. This is the first time I've ever really got to know him and his story. At first I had a little trouble getting to interview him, but he loosened up after a warm up conversation. My Grandfather immigrated in 1986 from Cagayan Illocos Philippines to Vallejo. Initially from Pampanga and tilled the farm with his father. My grandpa dropped out of high school, but taught himself along the way through his life. He was petitioned here from his sister and brother. His brother had skills of being an engineer and my grandfather had skills with being an technician while working in the government for 16 years quit after martial law. When my grandfather migrated here with his wife and son. My grandfather left Vallejo and came to San Francisco to work in a few hotels as a janitor moving up to an electrician. My grandpa had close ties with his neighbor, both Filipino's and gave him an opportunity to work at UCSF, then worked there till retirement. In similarity to Pinoy Capital my Grandfather has deeply re-established his roots to America and will not go back home for good. My grandfather shows very much sign of homesickness by being fold of his memories. He also admits that he reached the american dream through hard work.

Table of Contents
The Warm Up Conversation
Working for Marco's
Leaving Home and Arrival
Homesick and Rather Stay in America

The Warm Up Conversation
Sister tried staying in America, but rather live and die in PI
Mentions immigration and work.
Rather stay in America, but would go back home only to visit his sister. He seems to be very homesick about his sister.
Mention the economic struggle about even with retirement fix. It's sad because he's been working labor all his life and a retirement income is still not enough.
Comparing income from PI to US, "not good enough." Jobs
are a private sector, "employees work 6 month only through contract."
He also talks about working in government and says, "Life is better in US, you cant fix PI anymore. Drugs corrupts PI."
Explains Cartels in PI, "Shabu"
Corruption within government with Drugs.
Death Penalty in P.I
"How was is working in govt?"

Segment 2 Working for Marco's and Discrimination of Diaspora

Segment 3 Leaving Home and arrival to America

Segment 4 Homesick and rather stay in America

Conclusion Final Remarks:
My Grampa has been through a lot and seen a lot. What inspires me is his tranformation. He values life, family, and knowledge. My grandpa's narrative relates to Pinoy Capital. I'm very blessed to connect with my Grampa. I never thought that I would get this close to knowing my grand father life. 

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