Monday, December 14, 2015

Alfredo Roque " Working is my American Dream"

Table of Contents 
1. Introduction 
2. Family Background and Life in the Philippines 
3. Leaving the Philippines
4. Life in the U.S. and Reflection 
5. Conclusion 

The person I choose to interview was my father Alfredo,  all my life I've only know him as a working dad who I got to see on certain days of the week because he worked double jobs to provide for his family. In these videos I get to learn about a his story life in the Philippines compared to one he lives in US. And get a better understanding of why many filipino immigrants like him, find refuge  working in America. 

Family Background and Life in the Philippines 
Alfredo is from Cebu,  growing up school wasn't his thing  so he looked up to his Uncle who worked on a ship. Eventually becoming a seaman a job he loved and was able to travel.

Leaving the Philippines 
To move out of the Philippines helped cement a future for his family. Alfredo was able to attain a job and move his family over to United States. He was very proud to be united with his family again, but it wouldn't have been possible without the help of his parents.

Life in the US and My Legacy  
Living in the U.S you have to hustle and set goals, especially being a family man Alfredo works double jobs so he can provide for his family needs. His hope is too guide  his kids to a better life than he had. To get an education so they don't have to work like he did. 


Alfredo is very fortunate to have immigrated to the United States, here he is able to provide for his family. Alfredo's American Dream was to be able to reunite with his family and with hard work he can financially support his kids through college so they can have better careers than he had. 

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