Monday, December 14, 2015

Going To America- Judick Almocera

Judick Almocera- Coming to the United States


I chose to interview my father, Judick Almocera. He was born in Manila Philippines on October 29, 1966. He moved to America because my mother got petitioned by auntie and persuaded him to migrate. The life in America wasn't as hard as the Philippines so he didn't think it was hard adapting to the lifestyle in America. He has been living here for 11 years now and this is his story.

Table Of Contents
1. Background
2. Leaving The Philippines
3.Settling in U.S
4. Life in the U.S
5. His Choice


My Father was born in Manila Philippines on October 2, 1966. He was born into a middle to lower middle class. It was pretty hard for him because the jobs were scarce and his mother(my grandma) was the only one with a stable income.

Leaving the Philippines

My father left the Philippines because my mother was petitioned and wanted to live in the U.S. She believed that we could have a better future over here. My father immigrated to the U.S because he loved my mother and supported her every decision. He also wanted to move here because the economy in the Philippines was bad and jobs were scarce.

Settling in the U.S

My father said it was fairly easy settling in the U.S because he was able to get a home and a stable job. He said he moved over here for us to have better living conditions. There was better medical and better support for families under the poverty line. He wanted all that was better for his family.

Life in the U.S

My father loves the peace and order in America. He said that there is lower crime rates and more opportunities. He moved here so me and my brother can get better education and a chance to be successful. He is an unselfish man who bases his choices on the well being of his wife and children.

His Choice

Although he is content with his life here, he still loves the Philippines. "I am a very patriotic individual, In fact I am thinking about retiring there but having second thoughts because of the peace and order.'- Judick Almocera. 

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