Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dennis Tanglao

Dennis Tanglao - Journey to America

Table of Contents 
I: Coming to America
II: Childhood
III: Identity
IV: Relationship and Family
V: Filipino Community

Full Video Interview

My Dad was born in a small City in the Philippines called Carpas Tarlac. He wanted to come to America to live his dreams and to start, provide for his own Family. And he achieved that dream. His goals were to live this better life, and to be with my mother, Gloria Capil Tanglao, his high school sweet heart. Then three kids came along, Deniel Tanglao, Dennicka Tanglao, and me, Derick Tanglao. I’ve learned so much from my Dad and he has taught valuable lessons in life. He will always be the number one person I look up to and I can’t thank him enough for everything he does his me, and my family.

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