Monday, December 14, 2015

Kristoffer Guanlao

"Filipino-Immigrant to Filipino-American" Kristoffer Guanlao interviewed by Andre See

Kristoffer Guanlao is my best friend and we've known each other since Freshman year of high school. I specifically chose him as my interviewee because of how similar our lives were and that out of everyone else I could relate to him the most. Both our families came here for better opportunities leaving everything behind back home. We both spent our early childhoods in the Philippines but grew up and matured here in America. Here he shares his journey growing up and coming to America as he gets accustomed to his new lifestyle and new beginnings.


  1. Background Information
  2. Life in the Philippines
  3. Life in America
  4. Citizenship
  5. Future Plans
Background Information

In this segment Kristoffer talks about some background information about himself and his life. How he came to America and the reasons behind it.

Life in The Philippines

In this segment Kristoffer discusses certain memories he can recall about his time in the Philippines growing up and going to school. He was part of the middle/upper class and his lifestyle was very comfortable at the time.

Life in America

Here Kristoffer discusses his transitioning from the Philippines to America. He talks about certain changes and how different/similar his life here is compared to the Philippines

Attaining Citizenship

Here in this snippet Kristoffer discusses about the process of gaining his citizenship. He further discuss the benefits and how he felt after the procedure and becoming an American citizen.

Future Plans

Lastly, We talked about his future plans and if he has any plans of returning to the Philippines. Also if he still considers the motherland his homeland. 

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