Monday, December 14, 2015

Christian Lacanlalay and Carmina Mendoza

Starting A New Life

 Christian Lacanlalay and Carmina Mendoza

  • Introduction
  • Life in the Philippines
  • Leaving Home
For my interview I decided to choose one of my oldest friends, Christian Lacanlalay along with our fellow friend, Carmina Mendoza. I've never really known Christian's history even though we've known each other since middle school. He's never really remembered much of his life in the Philippines. Christian tackles life to support his family at home by working and going to school. 
Though he complains on a daily basis how busy life in America is, he would never go back home for their are many opportunities here. Carmina, on the other hand, is someone who I never really had a conversation with until she came over to accompany Christian. Although we see each other numerous times back in the music department, we've never known each other that well. Doing this interview made me closer to them and made me notice that other people than myself also have a similar but different history.

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